The length of therapy varies depending on the needs of the client. For some, enough progress can be made in a few sessions. For others, a year or two may be needed. The average length of therapy is around 12 sessions. Clients are advised to commit to at least three sessions. At the same time, the client always has the choice to discontinue treatment and remains under no obligation to continue with sessions.

I believe that I have an ethical responsibility to “work myself out of a job”, meaning not to drag out sessions beyond what is necessary for the client, but also not to abandon clients prematurely before they are ready to terminate.

Although I typically recommend meeting once a week, clients can choose to meet as often as they find helpful. You can choose to meet every other week, once a month, or a few times a week. The choice is entirely up to you, what works with your schedule, and how quickly you want to proceed.

Sessions are 50 minutes long and begin at the appointed time regardless of being late, thus it is important to be on time. There is the option to purchase multiple sessions in a row depending on availability and energy level of the counselor.

I am open to seeing a variety of different people both individually and in different family groups such as couples or entire families. I see clients from a variety of different ethnic backgrounds and also offer sessions through Skype. I do not see children under the age of 4 individually and feel it is more appropriate in such cases to work closely with the parents of the child. I should also mention that I am not a psychiatrist and do not have the ability to prescribe medication.

Just as every person is different, each problem may require a different approach in treatment. I utilize a multi-theoretical approach in order to remain flexible so that I can match a variety of theories to specific situations. That being said, I am somewhat different than typical therapists in Poland in that I do not rely heavily on psychoanalytic theory. My goal is to help people get unstuck as quickly as possible rather than spending years on my sofa. I find that I am drawn to the more practical solutions that come from cognitive-behavioral theory, solutions-focused therapy, as well as brief therapy and use these most frequently in my practice. A theory that is the backdrop of all my therapy is systems theory which looks at how every individual is part of a larger system such as a family, a community,  or the broader culture and looks at ways in which these systems may be breaking down and causing the presenting problem. As an example, a child may be having behavior issues, not due to a mental illness, but rather, as an attempt to distract his fighting parents and thus focus their attention on a new problem.

I am only able to offer services in English at this time. I am currently vigorously studying the Polish language and one day hope to be fluent enough to incorporate Polish into my practice. I do find that for some Poles it can be easier for them to do therapy in English because it assists in stepping outside of themselves and makes it easier to talk about difficult topics.

Since it is important to start right, we will have to devote some time to going over my policies, gathering background information as well as getting to know one another. During the initial consultation (also 50 minutes) we will discuss how therapy works, what to expect, as well as talk about what brings you to therapy and your goals for therapy.

I understand that fit is a very important factor in working with a counselor. If you feel that for whatever reason things are not working out and you would like to try a different therapist I do not take offense and will gladly help you find a therapist that will fit you.

I am not connected with the Polish healthcare system or other private insurance and can only take cash payments, bank transfers or PayPal payments. However, I am able to write receipts (Fakturas) and there is the possibility that your insurance company would reimburse you.