Late Fees & Cancellations

When canceling a session the therapist must be given 24 hour prior notice so that the time can possibly be filled with another client.  If 24 hour notice is not given a fee of 75 zł will be billed to the client payable at the beginning of the next scheduled session.


Rates are based on a 50 minute hour.  200 zł/hr.  The rate is the same for individual, family, couples, or Skype sessions.  There is the possibility of scheduling longer multiple hour sessions, for example, two consecutive sessions would be 1 hr and 40 mins. with either a break in between or one continuous session depending on the situation.  The number of consecutive sessions will depend on the fruitfulness of therapy work being done as well as energy level of parties involved.  If the therapist decides that due to fatigue or other factors it would not be beneficial to continue with the second session, he will cancel the session and reschedule for a later time.

Student Rates

If you are a student, please inquire about a special student rate.  Current proof of enrollment is required.

Forms of Payment

I am not connected with the Polish Healthcare system and can only accept private payments in cash, through bank transfer or PayPal.  I am able to write receipts (Fakturas) and there is the possibility that your insurance company would reimburse you.